"Talugung is the solo project of Canadian musician Ryan Waldron (aka a member of The Riderless). Since 2006, Talugung has been making music with a variety of instruments that he has collected or constructed. So far 6 albums, including "Flooded Fields"(Foxglove/Digitalis Recordings, 2007) and some limited cassettes, have been released. For this album, he was inspired by the sound of frogs to create something enigmatic and minimal and which at times incorporates the apparent polyrhythms of frog-song. He avoids using the western tempered scale; a combination of just intonation tunings and more random tunings are used. The end result is different from Harry Partch, La Monte Young, Musique concrete with tape editings, or Jon Hassell's "Fourth World" concept. The sound is "in between" the feeling of "world traditional music" and the feeling of "minimal music", "sound" as a phenomenon and "music" that is organized purposely. Anura is a peculiarly mystic music." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2011| AMORFON | 14.90

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