"A live recording, made during the 'Ultra Eczema's Strafstudie' night at Vooruit in Ghent / Belgium, one of the most beautiful ballrooms in Flanders.Swimming in a turbulent blender, in "4 parts" spread over 2 sides obviously. It is sometimes hard to hear who's doing what here, vocals and strings, tapes, bells and percussion become one odd ball of dust, blown intothe narrow streets of improv, non of the "free music solo rules" are accepted here.Somebody else, living in that same street mentioned "it sounds like a whole village of monks turning againstbuddhism, trading smiles for grunts". Ghédalia Tazartès, master of dramatic vocals that travel from tibet to John Lydon, Chris Corsano, still the last drummer on earth,and Dennis Tyfus trying hard to listen, for once, have played together three times and as it will remain hard to ever really sit down and record together this record is exactly what it should be. Limited to 300 copies, comes in a off set printed sleeve with collage art by DT, and 2 inserts with liner notes by Byron Coley!" (label info)
in stock | BE| 2016| ULTRA ECZEMA | 19.90

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