"A dogroll is a cheap giant sausage of bad meat to feed your pets. It's a magic wand and it is a pizzle. Teen-X-Ray came from Hamilton, NZ, which is known for agricultural innovation, frosts, fog and Taniwha in the Waikato river. Live cows with windows permanently inserted into their bodies for research live on the edge of town. As Stefan 'Smetal' Neville recalls: "Glen Frenzy asked me to join his new 'rock n roll' band Teen-X-Ray at a ska concert at the Hillcrest Tavern in Hamilton in 1993. He had probably already recorded most of the first cassette 'The Ballad Of Vince Neil' using the karaoke sound on sound function of his flat-mates stereo. Then & now I would do anything Glen asked of me so I've been in X-Ray ever since". Glen also recruited Dusk, his girlfriend's German Shepard who howled when she heard sirens. She would bite and claw at Casio keyboards. She didn't share her dogroll. Teen-X-Ray recorded their music on cassette decks, performed on top of kitchen tables and released many tapes on the Plop, M60 and Stabbies And The Rocket labels. Spirits Dogroll was compiled from recordings from 1994-1996. Teen-X-Ray is still active today. LP in full color sleeve issued in an edition of 300 copies." (label info)
in stock | IT| 2016| PLANAM | 19.90

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