""A land of bears, among rock and ice." Those were the words that french philosopher René Descartes once used to describe Sweden. A few hundred years ago, but the sentiment is valid still. It was in this environment that Filip Leyman one cold day met up with Albert af Ekenstam in Gothenburg, Sweden. Filip Leyman, the producer of the Anna von Hausswolff album Ceremony, wanted to start at new band. He sought a project where he had full artistic freedom, and one where he could fulfill his dream of combining modern technology - synthesizers, drum machines and samplers - with acoustic instruments and classic instrumentation. Albert af Ekenstam, guitarist with Sumie Nagano among other things, felt exactly the same. He also sought a platform for developing his own ideas, and an opportunity to perform the kind of music that lay closest to his heart. In agreement on these commons goals and visions, the two shook hands. Thus Tempel was born. Since that day, two years have passed. During this time the project has matured and evolved, protected from public view. The group has also received a new member, the artist Love Hultén, whose extraordinary visual ideas has come to play an important part of Tempel as a whole. On sporadically recurring but efficiently executed studio sessions, the music of Tempel has gradually developed in the underground studio of Filip Leyman. In a surprisingly natural way, the music had soon developed into a kind of post-rock, in which electronic genres meet heavy, deep, rock. For the listeners inner eye, vast and barren lands stretches out, without end. A land of bears, among rock and ice." (label info) vinyl version comes in gatefold sleeve with poster and download code, limited to 499 copies
in stock | SE| 2013| KNING DISK | 16.90

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