"Temperatures are a London-based duo formed by Peter Blundell (bass, voice) and James Dunn (drums, synth). Blundell's rumbling delayed bass runs against Dunn's bursting drums that simultaneously trigger an unruly ARP 2600. Vocals are both muffled and shouting at times and eventually end up getting buried under a (controlled) landslide of sounds. Thanks to their instinctive but thoughtful approach to noise, Temperatures can express a suffocating sense of alienation and mal de vivre, as well as today's over-communication resulting in a helpless lack of communication; but "Eksra" strikes most for its original and refreshing sound, far from the stale cliche that noise so often falls into. They can be compared to other bands like: early Throbbing Gristle, Lighting Bolt and the Dead C." (label info) "Temperatures can do noise, but this is very sophisticated and dynamic, at the same time exploring some difficult mixed emotions which are hard to name." (Ed Pisent, Sound Projector)
in stock | IT| 2009| ULTRAMARINE | 13.90

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