"Ed Wilcox is constantly refining his art, his message. As a painter, he describes what you will find in his work with, "my love of circus, the unrepentant whim of the Cobra Group, the recycled resurrections of Eduardo Paolozzi, and most important to me, Persian and Mongul miniatures. Ed Wilcox approaches his musical efforts with the same level of thoughtfulness and joy in exploration. A self-declared 'SPACE METAL' band, there is much influence of Sun Ra (Philadelphia for crissakes!) as there is Judas Priest. Together with a crop of accomplished and loyal fellow travelers, the TEMPLE OF BON MATIN has ventured in and out of sight, but has continually remained true to Ed's single vision of pushing clattering jazz through the heaviness of hard rock. The result is always explosive and primal, always BON MATIN. Infidel, TEMPLE's sixth full length, is the record made when the pedal hits the metal. A full on blow out featuring Ed's powerful shouts and revving drum attack, amidst psychedelic-punk guitar blasts and blaring horns." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| vg+/vg| SPIRIT OF ORR | 5.00

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