"Temples is Kevin Richards. He hails from Denver, Colorado. 'Murk' is an acoustic guitar album. What is refreshing to these ears about this record is that its an acoustic guitar album wherein the guitar itself is subsumed within the glorious phenomena of the recording media itself, and in this case one of my personal favourites - TAPE! Building up layer after layer of distant and hissy strummed and picked guitars Temples creates a kaleidoscopic miasma which shifts and drifts through vast caverns and tiny rooms, the various rhythms in and out of phase as patterns collide and repel. I know for a fact that Richards spent many months shaping these pieces into the ramshackle atmospheric drone works they have become. If you were after a comparison I would suggest that Temples does for the guitar what Dialing In does for keyboards and shruti boxes." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2008| PSEUDO ARCANA | 5.90

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