"Three contrasting cuts from Grime Super Producer Terror Danjah's Hyperdub debut CD "Undeniable", housed in a deluxe colour jacket replicating the album's lush sleeve artwork. The first track, aptly titled "Grand Opening", pits Dream Maclean's masterful myth-making lyrics and uber-brags against portentous choral samples and jabbing bass synths. "Story ending" contrasts in mood and feeling, opening with lush trance string arrangements and off-beat kicks and scattered snares laced by an R&B vocal, before the track breaks into some seriously warped synths. "Breaking Bad" featuring producer Baby Face Jay is unusual for Terror's productions, working off a central 4/4 kick allowing the striking ravey stabs, twisted fx and percussive offbeats to fill in and create the syncopations... ultimately the track comes off sounding somewhere between a rave classic and an arcade game soundtrack. This is the first in a series of four limited-edition EPs bringing "Undeniable" to life on vinyl." (label info)
in stock | UK| 2011| HYPERDUB | 8.90

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