"Incredible 3 CD set from "Text of Light". This is the project of Sonic Youth's LEE RANALDO, with ALAN LICHT, WILLIAM HOOKER, CHRISTIAN MARCLAY, TIM BARNES, ULRICH KREIGER and DJ OLIVE.They perform live to a backdrop of Stan Brakhage films, and no set is ever the same. ** The first 1000 copies of this lavish set will be issued in a special metal box with the "ToL" logo embossed on the lid, as both a tribute to, and a pastiche of PiL.The first 1000 copies will also come with a round full-colour booklet. Future pressings will be in a conventional 3 way jewel box, so please order a sufficient quantity, as demand for the limited edition will by far outweigh supply." (label info) special offer
in stock | UK| 2006| DIRTER PROMOTIONS | 16.90

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