special offer "After giving us his acoustic calling card with his melodious boat trip "Mechanical Eye", Düsseldorf based artist TG Mauss dives deeper into the seas of music. As it was promised the captain has not retired: the fantastic voyage continues. Drifting away from the constrictive worlds of minimal music towards his own multicoloured cosmology, Mauss surprises with a cocktail of playful beat and brit-pop melodies, stomping 80s disco and hippiesque country. A talented parodist he even catches the dark mood of industrial without losing emotional warmth and joie de vivre. As one half of he duo Tonetraeger the solo artist TG Mauss still gives music the space to develop and blossom, infecting listeners of "Gravity will keep us all together" with heartfelt happiness." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2006| QUATERMASS | 6.90

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