"TG MAUSS aka Twig aka Torsten Mauss is not exactly a newcomer in the field of "Indietronic". Since his debut "Mechanical Eye" in 2005, he has produced quite a bit as a soloist and in coworks, and you will notice how much something has matured here. It finally got a closeness to the almost pleasing, it stopped just before the "Popsong" border between friendly and nice. Friendly music we all need (from time to time, anyway), nice music no one needs. In other words, it's time for some­thing new. So now "Moments Vol. 1". The title already sounds as if moving away from the electronic-folk-post-rock mix here, which led you with each track, so to speak, into another room of a rather di­verse, but nowhere sneaky audio architecture. This music is experimental in the sense that it has more to do with experience than with arrangement. Musical moments, as we know from Franz Schubert, are not actually overwhelming or hyper-refined, but rather precise images of feeling. It's more about the how than the what; listening is participating. A soundtrack of more or less intense feelings, and to come back to Schubert: this bizarre togetherness and "againstness" of melancholy and levity. "Momente Vol. 1" consists of eight instrumental pieces improvised with guitar and effect devices, combined with field recordings; we are dealing with acoustic pieces that express very fundamental states, heat and frost, bliss and distance..." (Georg Seeßlen) yellow vinyl version, edition of 150 copies, with download code
in stock | DE| 2021| HAUCH | 17.90

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