"Welcome back to the movielike resonating sound world of The 23s. Already in 2008 the mysterious one-man band proofed with the album "Bolivia" - that they are trying to do another kind of music - something that isn't entertainment, something that isn't show, something that goes gently straight to your soul. Now the producer from Nord-Rhine-Westphalia did it again and tuned in the longplayer "Flamingo". All ten tracks are romantic smooth operators. They put themselves in service of an artistic vision, in which the listener should get lost in music. The album can be seen as a love-letter to the movie scores of the French 70s cinema or the impressionistic sound arrangements you can hear in the early cinema of Peter Greenaway. With double bass heat, discreet piano melodies, levitating guitar chords, some gentle horns here and there and beats that recollect the warm jazz influenced soul of oldschool hip-hop The 23s generate a sublime get-down-deep instrumental journey. Soon the album will be accompanied by a bunch of remixes tuned in and twisted by producers like Giegling and White artists Edward, Christian S of the Comeme tribe, Canadian producer The Mole and the German post rock and electronic music band To Rococo Rot." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| KARAOKE KALK | 13.90

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