"After an edition of approximately 28 slash-up albums regurgitating the entire 20th century of music and beyond, The Allophons present their first E.P. of non-sampled material. All of the trademark Allophons elements are present - the gorgeous vocal swells, understated trance-funk rhythms and twisted melodies. The Allophons could pretty much fart into a four-track, burn it to a CD, slap their name on it, and we would release it. Thankfully this is not what The Allophons have done on this brief-yet-spectacular BOW E.P. This swooper is a beautiful, skillfully sequenced pop nugget. Starting with the dazzling voodoo opera "Bow", the E.P. leads you through the funky outer regions of sound. "Voc Beans" is a disco run by breakdancing midgets, "Who's the Pap
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in stock | DE| 2009| SONIG | 10.63

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