JEWELT GALAXIES / SPIRIT SHAMBLES is their 1st full album collecting the first two CDR releases from The ALPS. Following a specially tuned internal compass that leads them from open meadowsand rushing rivers to urban chaos and decay, The Alps use a variety of soundsources (Wooden Flute, Tabla, Orchestra Bells, Electric Guitar, Omnichord,Microphone, Clarinet, Violin Bow, Acoustic Guitar, Organ, Shakers, Mixer, Voice,Cassette Tape, Sleigh Bells), This was recorded with one microphone in ScottHewickers's living room mostly in one session on November 14 2005 and a bit inAugust earlier in the year. Of their debut JEWELT GALAXIES, the good people at AQUARIUS RECORDS hadthis to say : "Glistening meditative soundscapes well-suited to gazing at frostymountain peaks such as those of their namesake. Squeaky clarinets and alienflute melted into whirls of swish and whoosh, all laid over drones andinstrument hum and tape hiss. Quite beautiful." (label info)
in stock | JP| 2007| SPEKK | 15.90

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