"The cryptic musical logic of CALAMITY might be recognizable from Cohen's past projects (both Deerhoof and Natural Dreamers), but this record is brimming over with what was only hinted at before. The singing and lyrics have at last brought The Curtains' vision into a clear and recognizable focus. The enigmatic mood and seemingly unfounded optimism of The Curtains' music have never been so sharply contrasted, and the sounds and playing have never been so uncompromisingly personal and eccentric. Casually veering from melodic pop ballads ("Go Lucky" and "Old Scott Rd.") to unclassifiable stylistic mish-mashes ("Invisible String" and "Calamity") to unabashed bubble-gum and garage punk ("Green Water" and "Fell On a Rock") to mysterious and brooding art-song ("Roscomare")." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| m-/m-| ASTHMATIC KITTY | 5.00

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