"If Wendy Carlos joined the Shaggs to perform Ravels Mother Goose suite, it might sound like Flybys. If the Albert Ayler ensemble took a break from the Love Cry sessions to score the Rockford Files on portable moog and electric kitchen colander, it might sound like Flybys. If Brian Wilson recreated Stan Kentons City of Glass for the Commodore 64 platform, it might sound like Flybys. If Forever Changes, Martians Go Home and Beefhearts Tropical Hot Dog Night were summarized a la Masterplots on musical 3x5s, it might sound like Flybys. Think of asterisks, park maintenance, telegraph wires and the alpine biathlon. Thats what the Curtains did when they wrote Flybys! They call the Curtains "coming of age" music. Full of sweet accidents and big ideas in small packages, what you get are compact, highly personal compositions, neither hot nor cold, but whimsical, lighthearted, portable and idiosyncratic - the warm inventions and cool abstractions of the thinking mans casual imagination on the move. With members of Deerhoof, Natural Dreamers and Open City, they are certainly a mixed bag, but youll like it! " (label info)
in stock | US| 2002| m-/m-| THIN WRIST | 16.00

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