"Palm Fronds (David Greenhill and Jeff McLeod) is a compelling listen on a number of levels. The songs themselves could be described as singer-songwriter in scope; I hear echoes of mid-to-late period Smog and even "Horse With No Name"-era America (especially on "Standing on a Levee", though some folks disagree). But the production, drum machines, and general vibe have a wonderfully overmodulated digital crunch, plenty of echo, broken electronics and all sorts of whatsit thrown into the mix. Which is to say that all that songwriter stuff, when The Double finally let you hear it, owes a lot to a bunch of digital dub and experimental electronic types. But through all this Palm Fronds has an impeccable balance; the production never overwhelms or obscures the essential song. So with Palm Fronds you've got ear candy AND brain candy when you get right down to it - lucky you. Edition of 500 copies [in jewel case] with offset printed inserts and silkscreened, individually decorated outer wraps."
in stock | US| 2004| CATSUP PLATE | 13.90

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