"Founded at Salon des Amateurs in 2008, this trio plays a dense & danceable hotchpotch of analog, digital and mechanical sounds. For their records & live-sets, they blend intercontinental inspired percussive patterns with noise-saturated aspects of electronic minimalism. This is music made for the live club setting, immediate and intense, but flows with an artistic and purposeful bent. The Durian Brothers released records on their own DISKANT imprint, for the FatCat Split-Series and for Kontra-Musik. All three members have been active in former projects such as Antonelli Electr., Rhythm Maker, Institut fuer Feinmotorik etc. and as solo-artists under the names Don't DJ, Harmonious Thelonious and Voiceover. This Release compiles all tracks of The Durian Brothers' limited edition vinyl EP-trilogy in digital format, as CD and DL. Previously released on Diskant between 2009 and 2012; Bonus Track previously released on Fatcat." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2015| DISKANT | 12.90

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