"For the EMBASSADORS second album on Nonplace HAYDEN CHISHOLM has come up with 7 instrumental JAZZ-DUB originals. BURNT FRIEDMAN mixes and co-produces these tracks. Hayden´s tenor sax, hammond organ, and steel drums are supported by JOCHEN RUECKERT (drums), MATT PENMAN (bass) just like on ROOT70´s Heaps Dub (nonplace20). There are no "solos" as such on this album, the grooves are steady and the developments take place not in the melodic voices but in the sounds themselves as they are worked on in the mix, drawing on the tradition of dub music. Most of the voices are processed and there is a great attention to detail in the sound. The pieces are given ample time to unfold though there is seldom any parts repeated without some variation. In other words, the aesthetic principles of this music have little to do with those of "jazz"." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| NONPLACE | 14.52

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