special offer "The collaboration of George Burt and Raymond Mc Donald with Lol Coxhill has produced 5 CDs, each one having a different approach. For this CD the duo wanted to add Bill Wells and Daniel Padden to the mix; not least because they are their friends with whom they have collaborated many times, but also because they felt their approach, at times improvisatory, but with a strong melodic focus, would be very compatible with their own way of working with Lol. Of course Lol has a huge and richly deserved reputation as a unique free improviser with an innate, organic and never-ending sense of melodic inventiveness. The duo enjoyed working with Textile on their highly acclaimed CD Hotel Dilettante (which included Lol Coxhill, Future Pilot Aka, the writter Douglas Coupland and the contemporary artist Martin Boyce) so they had their eye on this recording being released on Textile too. As Bill and Daniel are already Textile stalwarts, the duo felt this was another good reason for inviting us along to take part." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2007| TEXTILE | 6.90

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