special offer "As collaborators par excellence with many of the worlds leading improvising musicians this CD marks another significant encounter with well honed improvisational masters. It takes the prolific and constantly enquiring Burt MacDonald approach into new areas, breezy melodies, beautiful, waltzing, folkish songs, reflective spacious improvisations and joyous celebratory free jazz all wrapped up in a unique meeting of singular musical voices. Raymond MacDonald first played with Fred L-H and Michael Z in Chicago and when they were touring Europe with the Peter Brotzman 10tet took the opportunity to invite them to stay in Glasgow for a couple of days to record and perform with the Burt MacDonald group. Wells and Padden both friends of, and previous collaborators with, Burt and MacDonald were also invited along to the sessions. Not only does wells Padden's approach to improvisation and composition mesh well with Burt and MacDonald but, as previous textile recording artists it made perfect sense to invite them to make up a Scottish textile supergroup!" (label info)
in stock | FR| 2010| TEXTILE | 7.00

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