"Hat City Intuitive have long been the mainstays of the Danbury, Connecticut free improvisation scene and, as such, are regal. Yet this crown of creative impulse and desire does not cloud their intention of celebrating the NEW. When they gather, the vibrations are a fresh fire and are wholly positive, forsaking the droll techniques of free jazz blather, and licking the under shine of night stars howling light into the black. This session has most recent member Gene Moore (guitar/reeds) showing up with his kid bro Thurston, who plugs into the nearest amp and is only too happy to just GO, as TM is a long-time fascinant of the Hat City Intuitive, having grown up in the same Nutmeg State environs just 30 some years prior. Compiled from hours and hours and hours of basement mind/spirit autumnal wine-soaked pot-smoked camaraderie, this recording is where the dirt meets the concrete and winks up to the forever sky." (label info)
in stock | US| 2010| ECSTATIC PEACE | 17.90

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