"A lifetime in the making (and a year or two or actual production), "I am the Fire" is the full-length debut release by The Idealist, a Swedish musician with a penchant for the subversive side of atmospheric noise. This 6-track album is a through-the-keyhole (earhole?) look at the mind of a man who lives, breathes and dreams of sounds with an organic feel but an electronic bite. Joachim Nordwall (b. 1975, Karlskrona, Sweden), The Idealist, began his experiments in sound as a young boy. In 1987, he formed the Alvars Orkester with Jan Svensson, in which they mixed electronic sound with an interest in psychic broadcasting. He was particularly active within the independent music scene of the 1980s and 90s, releasing work through the Börft Records label. After a brief hiatus, Alvars Orkester has recently (January 2006) released the "Interference" album on London's Ash International label, showcasing their superb analogue sound experiments." (label info)
in stock | SWE| 2006| NOSORDO | 13.90

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