"initially the music by the knob, the finger & the it was conceived as some sort of ritual background ambient during extensive electroacoustic picnics by the river or in the fields. in the course of these sessions, the knob, the finger & the it make use of battery powered miniature electronics, diy synths and acoustic bricolage, which mingle with the sounds of the open space: some wind, a crackling campfire, a train passing by over a bridge nearby...however, local weather conditions as well as annually recurring festivities made the knob, the finger & the it escape to their inside homes now and again, where they started to explore the miraculous possibilities of modern studio technique. two tracks on this album - f. f. erde and grasebene 3, were taped live outside, and no posterior changes were made. all other pieces were recorded in the studio. astro camping is based on recordings from 2012-2016. the first 50 copies come with an interstellar gimmick. the knob, the finger & the it are: tobias grewenig, andreas oskar hirsch, volker hennes. Comes with Download Code." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2017| MAKIPHON | 16.90

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