"The Life Force Trio was conceived and founded by Carlos Nino (Ammoncontact, Build An Ark, Hu Vibrational, The Sound Of L.A....) when he started production on celebrated soul-jazz singer Dwight Trible's 'Love Is The Answer' in the summer of 2003. Enlisting multi-instrumentalist / songwriter and fellow Aquarian Dexter Story to be his partner in the project, Nino set out to create a progressive new sound. 'Sly & The Family Stone's There's A Riot Goin' On and Fresh, Shuggie Otis' Inspiration Information, Sun Ra, John & Alice Coltrane and everything from French Impressionism to African High-Life and '60s Space Rock --to me, that's the vibration we were tuned to making Living Room,' Nino mentions." Featuring Gaby Hernandez, Andres Renteria, Fabian Ammon & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson with Derf Reklaw, Dwight Trible & Jesse Sharps." (label info)
in stock | EU| 2006| PLUG RESEARCH | 6.90

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