"The coasts of Brisbane, Australia have washed up in the flotsam and jetsam avant ensemble The Lost Domain. Despite being in existence since the late '80s, this joint release between labels in Oklahoma and Sweden is the nearest they have yet come to a wider audience. More's the pity, because Sailor, Home from the Sea, drawn from live recordings made in Brisbane in 2004, is a magnificent suite of nautical dreamtime musings worthy of considerable attention. The multiple psuedonymous members create soundscapes imbued with a taut lethargy, the ceaseless yearning drift of an exiled consciousness forged on the meeting of the endlessness of the ocean and the vastness of the outback. These sublime visions look out to the water, and the sailor's communion in their own insignificance, becalmed and beleaguered drones hinting at the depths while simultaneously squinting sunblinded at the sky's glare. The bookening "(On) The Waterfront, Parts 1 & 2" impress the most, the incrementally building drone carrying the muttered, rambling, vocal, an urgent voice overwhelmed and suffocated, urging "I can't stand the smell of the house no more" and longing for release in the fathoms of the sea." (The Wire 252) Co-released with Digitalis Recordings.
in stock | SE| 2004| m-/m-| BROKEN FACE | 8.00

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