John Sellekaers (Xingu Hill, Dead Hollywood Stars), Daniel De Los Santos (Tamarin) and Mathias Delplanque (Lena, Bidlo) have concocted a sound fabric which explores the tangents uniting or dissociating 'lowercase sound', drone and dark ambient. Where does each of those styles start, where does it end? No one could tell...Nevertheless, HIDDEN DOORS brings its share of answers.in a very personal way: lots of textures, palpable ambiences, subtle drifts. The whole is produced in an elegant and stylish fashion. Mastered by John Sellekaers @ Metarc. . (Label info) deluxe digifile sleeve + booklet containing short stories by Brian Evenson and Mathias Delplanque, limited to 500 copies
in stock | CA| 2006| MONDES ELLIPTIQUES | 14.90

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