"The music of the Montgomery Express is a buried homegrown funk classic that always pulls in triple bills when original copies pop up on the fanatical circuit of DJs, vinyl freaks and wayward souls looking for the perfect groove. This is all for a damned good reason. This 1973/74 album was cut by a group formed almost overnight in an obscure pocket of Florida called Indiantown. Led by two blind guys in their 20s (Paul Montgomery & Charles Atkins) with the aid of a couple of teenage groovemasters, The Montgomery Express spent just two short years together on the regional circuit. They played before regularly packed audiences on a stage lined with hip shaking go-go girls at Indiantown's Cadillac Club before slipping into obscurity. Their were no bitter disputes, no creative rivalries, other obligations came up and the party came to an end. As Paul Montgomery put it to us, 'If we could find one another right now, it would be like a family reunion and we'd just start playing again.' Thankfully for us, until that day comes, we've got this joint to get our daily fix. Party Fever is a record of smooth but lackadaisical funk, peppered with sweet soul, tight grooves, shuffle tunes and outright panty dropping music! Highlights include a stunning version of Eddie Floyd's yearning 'Gotta Make a Comeback' that won't leave a dry eye on the checkerboard floor and the deeply soulful tune 'Precious Wings'." (label info)
in stock | US| 2002| IKEF | 13.90

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