"Soundtrack for "Storm", the new motion-picture of Hans-Christian Schmid. Hannah Maynard, a prosecutor at the Tribunal in The Hague, manages to convince a young Bosnian woman to testify against an alleged war criminal. Amidst the inconsistency of political interests and threats coming from Bosnian Serb nationalists, she realizes that her opponents not only sit on the dock across from her, but are also found in her own ranks. For "Storm" The Notwist composed a soundtrack, creating a hypnotic unreal ambiance with bowed xylophone, alienated Glockenspiel, orchestra accordion and minimal electronic. All music composed and played by the Notwist, Except "Vilina Kosa Version" composed by Daniel Glatzel and the Notwist, played by Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra and the Notwist. Clarinet played by Daniel Glatzel, Double Bass played by Andreas Waelti, Viola played by Martin Stupka, Violin played by Matthew Lonson. 12" release in a screenprint cover with CD and with a 24page photo-book with photographs by Gerald von Foris." (label info) few copies back in stock
in stock | DE| 2009| m-/m-| ALIEN TRANSISTOR | 15.00

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