"The Paper Hats is William Tyler from Nashville, Tennesee. You have seen and heard him play guitar with Lambchop, Silver Jews or - if you are lucky - with The Spiritual Family Reunion. Deseret Canyon is a psychedelic record and psychedelic is when one drops the google and let the music do its thing and moves in time to imaginary spaces. And since its meant to appear in vinyl this move has two opposite spiral tracks. Flip it, screengazer. Deseret Canyon is finger picking folk. Tuning secrets and mesmerist magic. Country soul on a carrousel. Magnetic front porch symphonies with a drone. The Apalachian meets Raga meets Vienna classic meets Hawaiian slack. The Fahey thing, the Loren Mazzacane Conners thing, the Ribot thing, the Jansch thing, the O'Rourke ding, the Datashock dthing. Ding music that makes you concern, consider, regard, and bear in mind, also waltz sleepy in serpentines with your augur self." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2008| APPARENT EXTENT | 13.90

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