"The Pitch is a Berlin-based quartet that explores the area between abstract melody and acoustic drone. Since 2009 they have been developing a musical language and a body of work ranging from quartet music to extended, large-scale ensemble pieces involving guest musicians and further conceptual elements. Improvisation is an important element in their music and it is used as a generative device within specific shapes, structures, and ideas for different pieces of music. Their piece Frozen Orchestra focuses on slowly changing textures, pitch-set constellations, and the subtle blending of instruments. Frozen Orchestra (Amsterdam) was recorded live at the Sonic Acts Festival and features six additional musicians in addition to the four core members. Boris Baltschun, electric pump organ. Koen Nutters, bass. Morten J. Olsen, vibraphone. Michael Thieke, clarinet. Featuring Lucio Capece, bass clarinet. Johnny Chang, violin. Robin Hayward, tuba. Chris Heenan, contrabass clarinet. Okkyung Lee, cello. Valerio Tricoli, Revox. Recorded Live at Sonic Acts, Paradiso, Amsterdam, February 26th, 2012. Mixed by Morten J Olsen at The Tower. Mastered by Mike Grinser at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | NO| 2015| SOFA | 18.90

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