"When a young Idris Ackamoor was given the opportunity to travel to Europe with a saxophone and a tape recorder, there was only one thing he was going to do: form a jazz band. Contemporaries of Sun Ra and the Art Ensemble of Chicago, The Pyramids created a unique avant-garde sound which looked back to Africa and forward to an otherworldly future in outer-space. They were among the first breath of bands to produce and distribute their own work, recording three extraordinary records in the early seventies that are only now beginning to see the light of day once more. After thirty years apart, The Pyramids have begun touring again, and last year recorded their forth album Otherworldly to find that not an awful lot has changed; if you want something done, it's always best to do it yourself." (label info) vinyl version comes in gatefold sleeve
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2012| DISKO B | 19.90

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