"If the biographies of The Season's members are like road movie, the very same project is their safe haven. Rouanet & Stumpf were working on their project Duplex 100, running the famous "Minimal Dancin"-nights at the Nouveau Casino in Paris, when they decided to start another band to act as a counterbalance to the very digital, dancefloor-serving material they were doing at the time. Their aim: no boundaries. The core: beautiful music. James Sindatry joined them. Sam's father did some features. While living in Chicago, Sam had played in AUFM (Alien Unknown Funk Mob) and had met Rob Mazurek, who was more than happy contribute as well. Recorded over innumerous sessions, "Undone" finally got done earlier this year. Merging beautiful acoustic instruments with high tech electronics, "Undone" makes the individual talents of musicians shimmer, the chords vibrating, the beats earthshaking." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2009| vg+/m-| CITY CENTRE OFFICES | 6.00

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