special offer "First there was Skkull then there was The Drone Drug. Continuing on the same path, the sound of The Drone Drug is of a similar relentless minimalistic nature as it's precedor. This could be seen as the electronic backbone to last years amazing Blood Spirits & Drums Are Singing (Conspiracy Records), creating a heavy beast with the most basic and stripped-down use of variations in drones and frequencies instead of guitars and percussion. Monotonous motor humming via drugged-out machinery and assaults of feedback attacking with a strong feel of claustrophobia. Compared to Skkull, The Drone Drug evolves more around a grim and abrasive sound, constantly toying with lo-fi aesthetics and a rough industrial edge. The atmosphere created is thick and black, bringing up visions of a dystopian society trembling on the edge of the world. Spreading the disease in a world slowly dying, The Drone Drug is poison and affect you it will. On this recording, The Skull Defekts is Joachim Nordwall and Henrik Rylander. 4 tracks cut by an unsharpened razor. Total playtime of 53 minutes. 4-panel digipack with artwork by Daniel Fagerström." (label info)
in stock | SE| 2008| RELEASE THE BATS | 4.90

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