"In spring of 2012 The Tobacconists, then consisting of Scott Foust and Frans de Waard, along with Mike Popvich (The Pickle Factory, Idea Fire Company), embarked on an European tour to promote their first LP/CD 'Smoking Is Green', via a staged performance of their radiophonic opera 'Smoking Is Green'. In the 10 days leading up the first date, the group rehearsed at Frans' studio in Nijmegen, using downtime to record two new LPs; 'A Secret Place' was released by A Giant Fern/Fabrica in 2014 and now 'Streetlight' is released by Germany's Minor Label in an edition of 200 copies. This new album sees the group extensively playing around with radio, synth and trumpet (Foust), synthesizer and rhythms (De Waard) and bass guitar and electronics (Popovich) and should appeal to all fans of minimal wave and elektro music. Thinking early Mute Records, Second Layer or early Cabaret Voltaire. Lots of rhythm, lots of synthesizers and a strong bass and doesn't sound alike their two previous releases. The cover is designed by Red Bol and printed by Knust in Nijmegen on raw board card and also looks strikingely different than your normal record. Download codes enclosed." (label info)
in stock | NL| 2017| MINOR | 14.90

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