"As the sixties drew to a close, the British charts were rocked by an explosion of reggae sounds that established the genre and Trojan Records as a credible force in the mainstream music Industry. Among the most popular of these pioneering hits was a pumping instrumental entitled Return Of Django by the mysteriously named Upsetters. The singles success led to a promotional tour of the UK and while on British shores, the quartet were taken into the studio by enterprising promoters-come-producers, Bruce White and Tony Cousins, who had them record a series of driving instrumental tracks that ultimately saw issue on the Trojan LP, The Good, the Bad & The Upsetters. Hugely popular on the thriving Skinhead scene, the album became an instant best seller, yet despite its popularity, it has never seen reissue on CD in its original form. Now, at long last, the situation has been redressed and fans can finally hear this must-have set free from snaps crackles and pops." (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | UK| 2016| TROJAN | 9.90

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