"Imagine the cover of a record. It shows a rectangle made of pale-green dots containing rotating white artefacts, while the background simply reads "the visitor" and "installations". The cover on the other side is just as unrevealing: "Basically, the main idea behind this album was to have the modular synth play itself, without any input from the outside. I wanted to create sound-structures that repeat itself, but at the same time constantly change, to keep a balance between composition, intended chance and repetition." At first a question arises: Who is this "I"? A visitor maybe? The web easily reveals: Such an LP does in fact exists. It is not a ghost and you can aquire it through specialized outlets or Hauch Records itself. But beyond that? Some of Steve Reichs words might suit what "The Visitor -Installationen" is all about: "Once the process has been set in motion, it runs itself". Any imagination of these installations demands a realm in which curiosity, mindfulness and abstraction are preconditioned. Leads take us to Düsseldorf, to the Paraschall Studio (aha!), a spin-off of the 4CN-Studios in Bochum. Detlef Funder, a man behind Bands such as the Donuts or Four Carry Nuts, can be a contributor as well as a creator. It turns out he was the one to give the music its last tweak for the vinyl. The actual author is Frank Bauer, apart from that he plays keys for the düsseldorf-based Krautrock-Band AI. The material on this record is almost a year old, it debuted as part of an art-ehibition. Such music is neither composed nor improvised, it transcends also the concepts of minimal or serial Art: It is not drawing towards us, it is moving away from us. What is it that a machine (as a whole music itself can be considered a machine, just as music made by machines can make the artificial aspekt disappear) feels when it is producing or processing music? Maybe it realizes, that its existence is not a mistake. A music-machine cannot but to ask the question: "what is music?". Paradoxically it has to be us humans trying to give answers, with all of our bodies and biographies." (Georg Seeßlen) edition of 150 handnumbered copies, neon yellow vinyl
in stock | DE| 2019| HAUCH | 18.90

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