"During the recording of the album "Polyrhythms", The Visitor (Frank Bauer) was particularly interested in the specific possibilities that make up a modular synthesizer, as opposed to making music with, for example, keyboard/software synthesizers in a MIDI environment. The modular device makes it very easy to create complex rhythmic structures not only outside the usual four-four time signature, but outside any metric boundaries. How far musically meaningful results develop from this was exciting for him to explore. Another question of working on it was what kind of music could still be created outside of club or ambient music. He tried to find atmospheric guidelines for me from music that had nothing to do with electronic music. For example, Japanese court music of the 18th century provided him with the inspiration for "Court Music". A big influence was also the music of Vangelis and Chris & Cosey, all musicians who were only second or thirdarily concerned with delivering music suitable for clubs." (label info) Edition of 300 black copies. Double LP. FLAC/MP3 download link included.
in stock | DE| 2022| HAUCH | 21.90

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