Inside this issue: Arca: For over a decade Venezuelan producer, vocalist and performer Alejandra Ghersi has been queering electronic music and the discourse around it. With her fourth album KiCk i imminent she talks cyborgian fantasies and non-binary futures. By Steph Kretowicz. Once Upon A Time In Williamsburg: In the 1970s, the then rundown New York borough was home to a progressive black music community involving Rashied Ali, Marzette Watts, Carol Blank, and others. By Val Wilmer. Greg Fox: From his work in Guardian Alien, Liturgy and Uniform to his solo excursions, the New York based drummer refracts rock via an avant garde prism. By Antonio Poscic. Global Ear: Ten more artists, writers and organisers from around the world including Jennifer Walshe, Astral Social Club and WFMU respond to the new realities presented by the Covid-19 pandemic. Invisible Jukebox: AGF × Vladislav Delay: Will The Wire's mystery record selection leave Finland's electronic power couple out in the cold?
in stock | UK| 2020| THE WIRE | 10.00

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