"These songs were transmitted to us from the ever-elusive former Hall of Famer and Jackie O'Motherfucker contributor. Upon hearing the material, we were surprised to discover that Theo's playful approach to music evidenced in those outfits has transformed into a batch of fantastic and well-structured songs, with inventive orchestration and accomplished playing. Written and recorded in Portland, at the Rare Book Room (Brooklyn, NY) and Sumsilobatem Studios, Degenfeld, Germany, Dearly Beloved references a diverse array of sounds: the dark folk of Michael Gira's Angels of Light; the surreal and gothic lyrical inventions of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds; and Syd Barrett's more ambling work, where lyrical and musical lines veer and coast along without a clear destination." (label info)
in stock | US| 2006| AMISH RECORDS | 9.90

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