"Talking About The Weather: Teacher and student. Past and present. Two drummers. Two men. Two fathers. Friends. A conversation. A dialogue of the drums. Following up on a drum/percussion duo Eric Thielemans and Billy Hart did in the Summer of 2016 at the Jazz Middelheim festival, these two drummers decided to dedicate time to continue and deepen their versatile dialogues on and around the drums. The meeting and recording of Talking About The Weather took place on January 7-9, 2018 at "Figure 8 Recording"; a beautiful, small recording studio in Brooklyn (NY). In three days' time both drummers circled around the situation of the studio and the conversational aspect of their personal relationship and musicianship. They did this in a way that shows how their musicianship informs and gives structure to a shared experience. As both men after a few sessions acknowledged: "We do talk as we play". Mr. Thielemans and Mr. Hart's story started in the Summer of 1992 when Eric Thielemans joined a masterclass with Billy Hart, organized by the Haleweyn Stiching Summer Jazz Workshop at Dworp in Belgium. This was the start of a deep human connection, friendship and mutual respect for each other's music and musicianship. 25 years in between, a gap, filled with many explorations, life experience and musical endeavors. Time to talk drum shop and drum the talk! Single-LP in 7.5 mm spine sleeve with a 50-page book. 180 gram vinyl. 50-page book, bound with pictures by Monica Jane Frisell and transcriptions of the talks." (label info)
in stock | BE| 2019| SUB ROSA | 36.90

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