"After "Die offene Gesellschaft" (staubgold 33 cd/lp, 2002), "La Double Absence" is thilges' second fulltime release for Staubgold: Western experimental music meets oriental art music. The ensemble emerged in 2003, when thilges was commissioned by the renowned music promoter "Jeunesse" to make a composition. Among others, the track "Izdiucz" is characteristic for this release: In Arabic, this term describes the fusion of two different materials, and stands for breaking up cultural barriers. Thilges has been one of Austria's standard bands for sophisticated experimental and electronic music for a long time. The Persian vocalist Zohreh Jooya is a widely known interpreter of Persian and Afghan music, and Asim Al-Chalabi who composed the tracks with thilges is regarded as grandmaster of the oud in the Arabic world. Since 2004, thilges have realised a number of performances with the American viola player Eyvind Kang; a.o. Kang has released his music on Tzadik, and he has performed with John Zorn and Mike Patton. For "La double Absence" a specific, new way of playing had to be developed; some pieces are completely notated, others are improvised. The music is based on magams, traditional Arabic scales, that were assigned to particular musicians. For this, thilges invited some of Austria's most approved musicians for guest performances: Franz Hautzinger (Zeitkratzer, Comforts of Madness) and Peter Rosmanith (Otto Lechner Ensemble) contribute trumpet and percussion parts. Patrick Pulsinger is responsible for the mastering of the record. "La Double Absence" offers everything a good pop record asks for: catchy melodies, complex rhythms, and a downright atmospheric density. The music is about bacchanal, melancholic, and difficult situations, thus simply about life. This is international music; timeless, beautiful, meditative, and complex." (label info)
in stock | DE| 2007| STAUBGOLD | 10.90

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