"The Progressive Lycanthropy package includes one professionally duplicated cassette as well as a handsome information booklet, in which TBWB explains his motivations in an exclusive essay "A Weapon For The Wolf Age" (the booklet also includes a number of other illustrations and surprises along the theme of wolves, nature and modern warfare.) The three epic pieces on the cassette were built up from a "feraliminal lycanthropizer" drone, an experimental binaural frequency supposedly used by the military as an "audio truth serum" or as a combat stimulant- as the name suggests, this technique was meant to hurl individuals into "wolf-like" states where they would careen between poles of focused rage and woozy ecstasy. Conducted in the spirit of the d.i.y. audio research that characterized the 'industrial music' era, this material should have a wide range of effects on individual listeners, from restlessness to wild abandon, and as such does come with a disclaimer not to play while experiencing high stress levels or while engaged in potentially dangerous activities. If you have ever wanted to travel to a world where fur and fangs mesh with integrated circuits to form an invincible hybrid, here is your ticket." (label info) C32 cassette tape with full-colour inlay plus 22 pp. book, edition of 200 copies.
in stock | MY| 2010| MIRROR TAPES | 11.90

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