"The Mortimer Trap is an epic 77min "variation" of Morton Feldman's For Bunita Marcus constructed by German experimentalist and techno icon Thomas Brinkmann and Australian sound artist Oren Ambarchi. Pulsating waves of claustrophobic ambience generated from who-knows-what patiently builds into a throbbing rhythmic pulse of gorgeous sonic density. Since the 80s Thomas Brinkmann has experimented with sound, its textures and its construction methods. His custom built two-arm turntable on Concept 1, the sampling of damaged records on Klick and various experiments with carved-groove vinyl are just a handful of career highlights that mark Brinkmann out as a true musical pioneer. Oren Ambarchi, primarily known for his solo guitar records for the Touch label, has worked with a diverse array of artists such as Keiji Haino, Fennesz, Keith Rowe and Sunn 0))). Ambarchi and Brinkmann first worked together in in Japan in January 2011 in a trio with Mika Vainio. The Mortimer Trap is their first collaborative work as a duo." (label info)
in stock | AU| 2012| BLACK TRUFFLE RECORDS | 14.90

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