"Thomas Buckner, baritone, with Leroy Jenkins, viola; Joseph Kubera, piano; J.D. Parran, bass clarinet; Stefani Starin, flute; David Wessel, synthesizer; Orchestra of the SEM Ensemble, Petr Kotik, conductor. This CD contains works by William Duckworth, Thomas Buckner, Jacques Bekaert, David Wessel and Somei Satoh -- united by their themes of the quest for self knowledge. Composed of fragments from the works of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Henry Miller and Gertrude Stein, and Thomas McGrath, William Duckworth's text reveals the multiple perspectives of an unknown couple whose post-modern love story emerges. Thomas Buckner's improvisation, Inner Journey, is dedicated to the spirit and musical techniques of a beloved friend. Jacques Bekaert takes musical material from a popular Cambodian song to reflect some of the emotions, hopes and pains anyone approaching that tragic land must feel and evoke an inner landscape. In the David Wessel's piece, Buckner's musical discourse is with the computer. Finally, Somei Satoh compares his work for voice and orchestra to his own meditation, "serene on the surface, yet burning vehemently like a flame."" (label info)
in stock | US| 1998| vg++/m-| LOVELY MUSIC | 10.00

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