"This collection of 2002-04 recordings by the recently deceased Dunedin trio Three Forks is the first widely available disc to feature guitarist Donald McPherson since 2001s solo effort Bramble (metonymic), praised for its originality and McPhersons obvious mastery of guitar picking, His longstanding weekend duo with Sandoz Lab Technician Tim Cornelius was expanded early in 2002 to include James Currin, and although they didnt play out for over a year they setttled down to regular jamming and recording, initially concentrating on shortish improv power-trio jams, on guitar, drums and cello respectively. James Robinson, who drew the cover art, is known NZ-wide for his massive, completely insane graphomaniac canvases, and each cover is handscreened and partially hand-painted by Currin and Cornelius." (label info)
in stock | NZ| 2006| UNITED FAIRY MOONS | 11.90

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