special offer "Ticklish are an electronic performance ensemble who use sampled sound and video to present a combined visual and sonic event that moves between polyrythmic pulses and abstract textures. For the past five years Ticklish have been operating as a spectral presence on the British electronic music scene. Refusing to comply with easily identifiable (and easily dismissable) \"movements\" Ticklish have continued to develop their sound, and attract increasing attention. Formed in 1995 using a somewhat more conventional line up they shifted to an all sampler line up in 1998 and added video artist Rob Flint to the band because his approach to video mixing and video sampling had similarities to the ethos and working methods of the rest of the band. Musically the group continually attempts to evade the many clichés of electronic music (be it endless shimmering reverb or clod-hopping beats) whilst maintaining a love and knowledge of the genre from the Schaeffer experiments of the 1940\'s to the lap-top number crunchers of this century." (label info)
in stock | FR| 2005| TEXTILE | 7.00

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