"This record unites two German greats of the electronic avant-garde of the last 40 years & brings together two worlds that exist like the sides of a coin facing away from each other & yet are firmly connected at the core. NNOI#2 can be described as a kind of miraculous "Göffel" - a mixture of fork & spoon. Asmus Tietchens, the glass fork, reduces his 9 compositions "Stenograms" to abstract structures that force a space that transforms its floating hardness and beauty into the clear outlines of a sculpture. The Tietchen-Monolith is being straightened out further. Frieder Butzmann developed a SinusToneSuite for the NNOI. As a collector of strange objects and apparitions, Frieder went in search of sinustones that could be found between generators, vocal cords and wooden tubes. The SinusToneSuite is an opulent electronic composition, a dance with the golden spoon of unreason and love!" (label info)
soon in stock - please pre-order | DE| 2020| 90% WASSER | 19.90

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