"'Ici-bas' (2009) for ensemble & electronic sound. Hyperion Ensemble with members of Talea and the Bergersen Quartet. Tim Hodgkinson, conductor. 'Ulaaraar' (2005) for bass clarinet & strings. Tim Hodgkinson, bass clarinet and conductor. Ioan Marius Lacraru, Cornelia Petroiu, violas. Theodor Iancu, Andrei Kivu, cellos. Ion and Ciprian Ghita, basses. Anon, small gong. 'Amhas/Nirriti' [2001) for ensemble & electronic sound. Hyperion Ensemble. Tim Hodgkinson, conductor. 'Jo-Ha-Kyu' (2000-2010) for string quartet, harp, trombone, synthesizer & glass. Ne(x)tworks. Tim Hodgkinson, conductor. 'Attaot' (2009) for ensemble & electronic sound. Gustavo Aguilar, Petru Teodorescu, Alexander Lipowski, percussion. Hyperion Ensemble with members of Talea. Tim Hodgkinson, conductor, clarinet. This is Mode's second release from Tim Hodgkinson, a founding member of the politically and musically radical group Henry Cow in 1968. A skilled improviser and performer, the works on this CD for chamber ensembles reflect Hodgkinson's 'composed' music side, while still providing room for improvisation and experimentation. Performers are leading European and American improvisers and improvising new music ensembles. Liner notes by Tim Hodgkinson." (LABEL INFO)
in stock | US| 2014| m-/m-| MODE | 12.00

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