"Coldless is the second full length CD release from Chicago improvising sextet Tiny Hairs: eleven ambient-improvisational tracks of warm brilliance recorded in Chicago during 2002/2003. Each track was improvised live in the studio, with the band taking a reductive approach to editing, only altering the tracks to remove extraneous material from the overall compositional path. Each track virtually appears as it was played, with the exception of a few overdubs. The music on Coldless patiently navigates spontaneous lullabies, free noise nastiness, somnolent near-grooves, and topographical points in-between. The music is as complex and difficult to categorize as it is quiet, sleepy, harsh, concentrated, minimal, ambient, free, spacious, and folk influenced. Tiny Hairs are as unafraid of melodic beauty as they are of kicking up a storm of noise." (label info)
in stock | US| 2004| m-/m-| FALSE WALLS | 10.00

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